Top Five Machel Montano Songs

Top Five Machel Montano Songs



Now a top ten list of Machel songs is an arduous undertaking. A list of the Top Five Machel Montano songs is almost impossible, on the level of one of Hercules’ labours or finding a smooth road in Trinidad. Machel has so many good songs that you can actually categorise them into subgenres; Machel edm soca songs, Machel songs with the word bumper it, road march winners, Machel songs featuring a female artiste, Machel songs that he push for road march that he shouldn’t have, songs that he didn’t push for road march that he should have etc.

But we’re not going to punk out. It’s going to be difficult but we’re up for the challenge. Who vex, vex. Feel free to comment though – the discussion, argument and any chaos is welcomed. Musical discussion is what we live for.

The List


What more can really be said about this song? Iconic intro (yeah yeah yeah), one of the best guitar lines in a soca and one of the best bridges in a soca song. From the time this song was released, road march was a forgone conclusion. It’s the start of the modern soca era, Machel’s first road march and the start of Machel’s still unbroken winning streak.


Have we ever heard a soca song with such a daring concept since? These days is rum, wuk, the road, bumper blah blah blah. In 1997, Machel introduced us to his music farm accompanied by an equally infectious music video. No drones or hd cameras to be found but there was maximum vibes and it was clear that the Xtatic Crew enjoyed filming the video almost as much as we enjoyed watching it. The melody lives on today encouraging young and old to see how low they can go. FYI this song was pressure on the knees of a tall man.


In the move “Bazodee” starring Machel there is a scene where he encourages the female lead to horn her Adonis-like husband. In one scene, he gets her to stay back and take a small wine with him to a song. Which song? This one of course. It’s a moment of perfection in a flawed but highly enjoyable film. It’s also a true testament to the greatness of this track. It perfectly encapsulates and eulogizes the art of requesting a wine and elevates it to near romance.


Sonically adventurous it wasn’t an instant knockout. But when it soaked in, like a good pepper sauce the melody was hard to shake. This is one that hits the spot in and out of the season.


This one will run for at least a decade for sure. The brass is epic and the chorus brings the vibe of an Intercol football match. Undeniable from the first note.


Quite a few gems were left out, enough to open another Maraj jewellers actually.

  • Mr Fete and The Fog are quintessential Machel.
  • E.P.I.C. is a nice fusion that can fill a club dancefloor anytime.
  • Toro caused people to literally mash up a fence in town. It was only overshadowed by Footsteps that year.
  • Pretty Gyal is a classic – doesn’t know whether it wants to be a soca or dancehall in the best way possible.
  • “It’s Carnival” wasn’t included because it’s really Destra’s song but it’s easily one of the top 3 soca songs. EVER.
  • Real Unity was a perfect collaboration, adored by soca and chutney lovers alike.
  • And the one that hurt me most, Powder Puff aka the greatest Jouvert song ever created wasn’t on the list.

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