7 Things Hard To Understand about the T+T Music Industry

7 Things Hard To Understand about the T+T Music Industry

The T+T Music Industry can be strange and confusing. Here are a few observations. They aren’t meant to offend but if any one falls in your garden, you might as well care for it and put it in a salad as well. If you like the content don’t be a stranger, subscribe and take a lime with us every Friday. We do serious, fun, informative…all around the T+T music industry. This isn’t a complete list by any means so I would like to hear your take as well. Well on to the list.

The List

Soca has sampled (most times illegally) almost every type of music under the sun so why are we vex when people sample soca?

Some radio stations believe local music is trash yet they play the same foreign trash on repeat

A lot of upcoming artistes spend plenty time and money building fake fans on social media yet won’t spend an hour in the real world where real potential fans exist

Also on that point, a lot of upcoming artistes spend hours on social media and barely an hour on their craft.

Why can’t our three copyright organizations just get along?

Why do we fight down our local artistes but when they make it big internationally with the same song, we proud too bad because we “always knew they would make it”.

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